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39459 persons have sent their prayers to marcharbel since Jan 1st 2005

39459. nabila daher  from wrote on Yesterday at 12:32 PM 

habibi mar charbel saed kl el maoita
joseph ya rab, saed el chabab w el chabat w kel el morada amen
salam el rab maak mar charbel khalik hamina

39458. marc  from wrote on Yesterday at 09:56 AM 

dakhilak se3edni wa tousal bil salemi ameeen

39457. Marwan El Jamous  from wrote on Thursday 04:26 AM  

Min albi 3am salilak ya mar charbel ta tchafa3 fina , kil youm 3an youm btkoubar ma7abti fiyk

39456. Bchara  from wrote on Wednesday 09:27 PM  

Ya Rabbi arjouuuk

39455. Elie  from wrote on Wednesday 04:41 AM  

Dear Mar Charbel,

I pray that through the power of Jesus you keep my Fiance healthy. She noticed swelling in her lymph nodes recently. Although it may be nothing, I pray that she is healthy and that she will always be ok. I prayed to you when my mother had cancer and now she is cancer free. Please Pray for my Fiance to the Lord that she may remain healthy and free from disease. You continue to be a blessing in my life. Pray for us. With Love.

39454. Bchara  from wrote on Tuesday 11:21 PM  

يا مار شربل تجاهل خطايايي الكتار وتشفع ميشاني عند الله تا يساعد رفيقتي بوضعا وبركي بترجع عند الله ويا مارشربل تما كونش خبيث انا كمان بتمنى هونيك شغلة انت بتعرفا
يا رب بشفاعة مار شربل غفرلي خطاياي وخاصة تطاولي عليك واغفرلي ضعفي يا رب وتدخل تا تمنع الشر،ويا رب ساعدنا تنيناتنا

يا رب أنا بستصعب كل شي وعم بنحدر ، ساعدني

39453. noha  from wrote on Friday, 15 September 2017 02:26 PM 

dieu,jesus,st charbel,vierge marie st rita st joseph st antoineet st pere eandre et st therese et ts saints donnez a ns la santee pour moi et pour toute ma famille aidez ns on a besoin de vs avec vs je ressens la paix et le bonheurnje vs demande soyez avec moi et avec mes enfants et mon mari et donnez a ns la reuissit et la chance et la paix et la santee ds notre vie ,éloignez de ns les personnes méchants et jalpix ,je vs demande soyez avec mon pere ds le ciel jtm papa tu me manque tellement tu es ds mon cœur tu es encore vivant je prie pour toi et je demande de dieu que tu es avec lui ds le ciel et avec les anges ,die st charbel je vs demande de maidez et jespere que mon mari trouve un travail s.v.p aidez lui et qu on trouve un magasin et aidez ,mimi ,tatai et bouli et jespere qu ils reuissient ds sa sa vie ,jespere que aujourdhui la journee soit belle et quil ya des bonne nouvelle merci pour ts on vs aime Amen.

39452. R  from wrote on Friday, 15 September 2017 12:12 PM 

Dear Mar Charbel,

Thank you for always guiding my road and path back to you. Please help me out today with thi very difficult mission and please be besides me leading the way.

39451. Laura Valencia  from wrote on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 07:27 PM 

Dear St. Charbel:

I come to you again with a heavy heart. Please intercede for me with my family. I need your help in being a better mother, and wife. I have lost my way with my children. Please help me find my place and space. Please also intercede for me in m finding an income in a job where I can help to the household needs we have. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

39450. elie  from wrote on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 03:15 PM 

thank you marcharbel